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Daily Verse 11.21.20—The Temple of Divinity

When I was much younger, a boyfriend commented on how deeply spiritual I was.

He was Episcopalian and a product of Jesuit schools, so I dismissed his comment—and dismissed him shortly after. But his words always stuck with me.

Somehow I knew how clearly he had seen or sensed something in me that I wasn’t yet ready to see or sense myself.

I had confused religion with spirituality, something I know many of us do—cutting our divinity because we don’t believe in any one dogma or faith.

Years have gone by and with it, many discoveries about who I am as spiritual person, and how I tend to the care and feeding of that side of me. Much of it is private and a lot of it unable to be expressed—only felt.

But I do know this: it is always present for me when music, art, and movement are present. And it always gets heightened in nature and when I travel. It’s more about being in spaces—the energy and the environment—than the community, rituals or people within it.

I owe a debt of gratitude to that brown-eyed man in my past who looked into my soul years ago and saw the divinity that lay within. I am the temple of my own divinity now. No building can contain me, no dogma can constrain me, and there are no bounds to my sacredness.


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