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Take a Stand with Me in Your Field of Dirt

I am obsessed with Growing Floret. If you don’t know what this is, rest assured I didn’t either until last week. But it’s one of those things that once you know it, you can’t un-know it—like when that little girl in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe discovers the …

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Who Do We Choose To Be? Another Reckoning.

I was sitting on my front lawn the other day staring at the two items in my online cart—one was a book, the other was a weapon. Clearly I had chosen to purchase these at some point in time, and I was struck by their stark contrast. It felt like …

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Daily Verse 11.7.20: Read My Face

My eldest son told me about the climate change countdown clock in NYC. I hadn’t heard about it—maybe because it’s not in my backyard here in Maine. Apparently, on Sept 20th of this year, the clock was set to 7 years, and is now counting down…visually demonstrating that time is limited …

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36 Days

Nobody knows what will happen the night of the election—or what will happen between now and then.
But I do know this:

I know how I will feel if I do nothing.
I know how I will feel if I choose not to participate in THIS moment…or the next moment…

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Lung Capacity

When I was in high school, I went through the rigorous process of becoming a lifeguard, learning water safety, rescue skills and the basics of first aid, CPR and how to mobilize someone in the event of a back injury. It made sense that I was drawn to this, even …

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Women Are “In Position”

Years ago when I first moved to Maine, I was taught how to play cribbage. If you’re not familiar with cribbage, it is a card game with a wooden board and little pegs that mark each player’s points and progress. I am convinced all true New Englanders are hard-wired for …

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Women’s Stories Matter—To All Of Us

Something happened for me at my SheSpeaks evenings of women’s storytelling last year. I didn’t see it coming, but once I did, I saw how it had been there all along. If you’re not familiar with SheSpeaks, then you might not know that this annual event has become something of …

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Power: Pure And Simple

I have this dream, and it begins with changing the language we use as women to describe ourselves—or any people, really, outside the construct of the white male narrative we’re all living in. I have this dream about the word “empowerment” fading to obsolescence…. Instead of reading articles, seeing conferences …

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