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How to Grow a Business (or Anything) From Dirt

I am obsessed with women’s business models—and the feminine principles that guide them. So it’s not surprising that I’m obsessed with Growing Floret. If you don’t know what Floret is, rest assured I didn’t either until last week. But it’s one of those things that once you know it, you …

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Who Do We Choose To Be? Another Reckoning.

I was sitting on my front lawn the other day staring at the two items in my online cart—one was a book, the other was a weapon. Clearly I had chosen to purchase these at some point in time, and I was struck by their stark contrast. It felt like …

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3 Ways Dangerous Women Make Good Trouble

My nickname was “Trouble” thirty years ago. Apparently when I came on the scene, it meant something was about to happen that was going to disrupt someone’s status quo. Thirty years ago I was a director of an overnight camp in New Hampshire, which means I was one of two …

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A Flock of Women Leaders Leading

I hear these themes among my clients and I literally start to salivate. Why? Because this handful of topics I’m about to share with you under this new moon feels symbolic—like geese flying in a distinct V, they work together to point in a particular direction. What direction is that, …

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How to Lead When the Whole House Feels Upside Down

Doesn’t it feel like we are perched between two worlds right now—the one we’ve been living in and the one we want to live in? I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership these days. And if you’re wondering how I define that, it’s quite simple, actually. I’m not talking about …

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Daily Verse 11.27.20—White Womanness

I am a woman who has spent much of her professional energies in the world being a supporter and champion of women’s leadership. I’m also a woman who didn’t realize she was a woman until my early 30s and pregnant with my first child—a fact, which revealed me to myself …

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Daily Verse 11.7.20: Read My Face

My eldest son told me about the climate change countdown clock in NYC. I hadn’t heard about it—maybe because it’s not in my backyard here in Maine. Apparently, on Sept 20th of this year, the clock was set to 7 years, and is now counting down…visually demonstrating that time is limited …

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36 Days

Nobody knows what will happen the night of the election—or what will happen between now and then.
But I do know this:

I know how I will feel if I do nothing.
I know how I will feel if I choose not to participate in THIS moment…or the next moment…

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