Is 2024 your year to make a move? I’ve got 2 openings for my 1:1 work in April…one of them could be yours.

1:1 Client Testimonials

This is what it’s like to work with me, what it offers, and why it’s worth it—directly from the mouths of my clients. They know.

“Working with you has accelerated several inevitables in my life.”

“You have this ability to peel away the surface shit and uncover what’s underneath.”

“With you, I could stop pretending to  be ‘all business’.”

“The golden goose egg from working with you is that I don’t feel trapped anymore. It doesn’t matter where I am anymore because I know who I am. The result is that I’m more me wherever I go.”

“It’s amazing to think about the transformation that I’ve been making possible over these past few years. Your fingerprints are all over this good work. I’m immensely grateful for your time, energy, wisdom, and grace.”

“This work helps me chart my course and make slight corrections/adjustments in the way I tilt my sails for the month ahead. Adding your voice and observations of the themes/patterns help me get a slightly longer view of the landscape through which I’m traveling.”

“You, my dear, are rocket fuel.”

“People say: ‘You look happier…what did you do?’ I peeled off so many layers of my personality as a leader that I didn’t know I needed.”

“I didn’t feel free to be this type of leader a year ago.”

“Best thing I have ever done.”

“When I meet with you, I know I’m going to come back with all the deepest and truest parts of myself.”

“You can pick up on my little whispers to myself and say it back to me, out loud, so I can hear it. You’re hearing something that is so quiet that I can’t hear it even when I’m listening. It’s real though.”

“Because of you I feel freer to be brave. I hear your loving voice nudging me on.”

“You understand the complicated relationship of a woman to her business. It’s messy, complicated, and never separate.”

“The time we spent together brought joy to my life and a positive, moving ahead energy You helped me to clear the cobwebs.”

“Thank you for helping me tap into this powerful, particular, persistent me. I was specific in my moves. I was possessed with the utmost certainty that I was moving in the right direction. I felt a current of rightness and strength and knowledge. So happy.”

“I love how things come together when we talk.”


Want to see what it’s like for yourself? 

Let’s set up a time to connect and see if we’re a good fit to do some work together. It’s free, so you actually have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Need more evidence? Read on, my friend.

“Thank you for shaking me awake.”

“This feels like wrap-around support and inspiration.”

“So much of what I wanted to do and be when we started working is starting to be integrated into my being…you have been a catalyst for all of this. It was all there—and you started the reaction that allowed the change to happen.”

“I love our sessions because you always speak into words what I’m feeling from our time between sessions.”

“Our conversations have helped me to realize how much I know.”

“People who know me are surprised when I tell them I have a coach. I guess they’re surprised a male executive would work with a female coach. My simple reply to them…it’s a perfect fit.”

“From the moment I wrote that initial email to you inquiring about your help, I have truly been me. You have met me with an emotional precision I have never quite received the likes of in my life.”

“I love working with you because I feel like you help me create and explore new neural pathways—you take me to places that have been dormant or I never knew existed.”

“This time helps me think through my scattered thoughts.”

“You’re like Michaelangeo….seeing people’s David and slowly assisting them in chipping away at their shit (marble) until they find their inner diamonds. You teach people to free themselves of that madness.”

“Best thing I have ever done was to show up in your office. Your guidance was exactly what I needed.”

“I need a vacation, but an hour of Lael time is just as good.”

“I didn’t realize how much pressure was on me (real and imagined) to always be capable, composed, articulate, smart, patient, kind, thoughtful…. but with you, I could be inarticulate, clumsy, un-composed, tongue-tied, and positively brilliant! I could completely drop that wonderful/awful facade we carry as “leaders.” This was the best leap of faith I ever took.”

Find out for yourself.

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