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A potato farmer named Clyde taught me about about joy.

He had this habit of clapping his hands one, two, three times in anticipation of getting a hug from me—or anyone he loved.

It’s like his small, wiry body couldn’t contain the joy it was feeling, so he discharged some of it by clapping in advance.

This is how it looks to anticipate joy.

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Women Leading

Head in here if you’re wondering what being a woman has to do with leadership—and why acknowledging that matters. This is where I explore women’s ways of leading while also making space for the feminine in all of us.


Change + Transition

These posts explore living and leading in turbulent times. This is where the behavioral scientist in me intersects with activism and social justice, offering perspectives and tools to navigate change—and move the needle.


Lael Stories

Dive into these intimate stories from my own life—in all my various roles—and see how I make sense of my world as I’m living it. Writing is how I figure myself out, and these posts are like breadcrumbs along my path.


Creativity + Making

Dig in and get messy with me as the artist in me plays at the intersections of making and moving. I’ll show you how creativity is a birthright, not a skill—and how making art and wandering can be key to feeling our way forward.


Cycles + Seasons

Come inside and remember what we’ve forgotten about living in the natural world. Discover simple ways to plug back into your truth, yield to what’s natural, and design a life that is more round and less linear—and exhausting.


Spirituality + Magic

Head in here if you’re curious about divinity, metaphysics or how to bring more sacredness and ritual into everyday living. This is the place where I explore the non-traditional, heretical and earth-based practices that root us as we reach.


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How to Clap in Joy

In March 2021 my family said goodbye to one helluva good man. His name was Clyde, and he was the first potato farmer I ever met. He was like this awesome combination of the Marlboro Man, Mr. Miyagi, and Jimmy Stewart. The high school kids who picked potatoes for him …

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How to live—and lead—in the mess

I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to lead in transition. Indeed, what we now call “hard” would have been deemed “impossible” even two short years ago—pre-pandemic. Most of my 1:1 clients are senior leaders in organizations and are at the helm, steering across vast oceans with what feels …

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Winter called. She’ll be here soon.

I used to dread winter. I get cold really easily. I have struggled with depression in the past. I’m a social creature who loves long summer days. I prefer bare feet over boots. I love the feeling of warm sun on my skin. So naturally, my relationship to winter used …

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Learn more about who I am as writer, what it’s like to read one of my books, blog posts or weekly emails, and what’s in it for you—directly from the mouths of readers. They know.

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