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The Answer to Every Question

Sometimes I think the answer to every question is this: Music. How do I get unstuck? Music. How do I know what I want? Music. How will I know which way to go? Music. Why does it matter? Music. What do I wear? Music. What’s happening to me? Music. How …

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Why Elevator Pitches Aren’t for Me

The thing is, I hate elevators. I just do. That might be a random way to start, but that one realization struck me right between the eyes this week and you know why?  I’ve never had an elevator pitch. And truth be told I’ve always felt some shame about it, …

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How Sadness Can Move You Forward

Grief has found me and I’m trying to ignore it.  I’m back from the trip of a lifetime—an EPIC adventure with my family to Scandinavia that we’d been planning and looking forward to for months. Now it’s over and I feel like I can’t complain because who does that after …

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Don’t Know What You Want? Read This.

12 years ago I had this deeply embarrassing moment. It was unsightly, unseemly, shameful… AND it was a turning point in my life—one that plugged me back into one of my favorite things ever. Bottom line: I was super jealous—like green-eyed monster jealous—of one of my friends. Let’s call her …

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How to live—and lead—in the mess

I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to lead in transition. Indeed, what we now call “hard” would have been deemed “impossible” even two short years ago—pre-pandemic. Most of my 1:1 clients are senior leaders in organizations and are at the helm, steering across vast oceans with what feels …

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Calling in the Women

There was a moment in my life nearly nineteen years ago when I struggled to believe something seemingly natural—and as old as time—was even possible. “Struggle” is putting it delicately, actually. It was full-on doubt…a hair away from resignation. I was in the throes of delivering my first son and …

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