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Fiery Missives. Stories with heart. Hot coals of inspiration. Booster shots of boldness.

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My writing is what people reach for in the middle of the night when they are wide awake thinking about things—and wondering if they’re alone.

My writing feels like an intimate conversation—so private you never have to leave your own inner world to be with me.

My writing feels like I’m inside your head—or better yet, that you could have written it yourself because it feels so damn validating and true.

My Books

A deeper-dive exploration inside my own personal experience and work at SheChanges. Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer (2015) is what came first, and Ignite: Lighting the Leader Fire (2019) is what happened next.

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My Blog

Long-form essays organized by topic that weave together story, insights, and life lessons. Deeply personal and generally humorous, these posts are sent directly to my subscribers, hot off the presses.

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My Emails

Short-takes sent to my subscribers every Friday on what’s most relevant in my SheChanges community at the time. Nutrient-rich, thoroughly validating, and chock full of field notes, themes, and resources I’ve gathered from people like you, this is how you’ll feel connected to me.

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Reader Testimonials

Learn more about who I am as writer, what it’s like to read one of my books, blog posts or weekly emails, and what’s in it for you—directly from the mouths of readers. They know.

What readers say

I adore my readers. And they adore me.

Writing is one of the ways I figure myself out. It’s also where I feel most connected—to myself, to the divine, to my clients, and to the larger audience of SheChanges.

I weave together stories, insights, and stuff I’ve gathered as a means to make sense of my world. It’s hard for me not to do that, actually.

A woman who interviewed me once said it best: “It seems that she never stops thinking, considering, and fitting the pieces together.” True, true, true.

I never set out to be a writer—and it wasn’t until I wrote my second book in 2019 that I finally acknowledge I was one.

I access my truth when I write, which is sometimes while I avoid it like the plague.

That’s where you come in, my readers.

I swear I wouldn’t write if it weren’t for you, and that’s the honest truth.

Knowing someone (like you) will be “catching” what I’ve written holds me accountable to actually getting it OUT, and the resonance I hear and feel when something lands over there delights me to no end because it feels like it’s of service.

It also keeps me curious and digging around inside myself and our world for more.

I feel deeply nourished when I write—whether it’s sorting it out in my head on a run, scribbling on bits of paper I find on the floor of my Jeep, mapping it out in the notebooks I am forever carrying around with me, or typing into my laptop late at night.

I will meet you on the pages of my books or inside your inbox.

Thank you for joining me.

This is amazing—are you in my mind?? Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone.

Your new book saved my butt last night. I picked up your book and it was what flipped the circuit breaker. It’s been quite a challenge to not feel alone on this journey—and hearing my same exact thinking reflected in the stories of other women helps. Thank you!

This is gorgeous. Every word of it.

Social media sucks the life out of us. Your emails, however, give life. I love how you summarize and reflect on themes you’re hearing.

You couldn’t have said it any better. THANK YOU for striking the right chord, seemingly every time.

Every word here is pure yum.

I always get excited when I see you in my inbox.

Every word felt so great to read and feel from you. You just have a way of creating energy and bad-ass-ness through your writing.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

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