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What’s Happening When  ::  Live Signature Events

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What’s Happening When

January   HerMojo Benefit Dance

February   The Beach—Winter

March       Winter Sabbatical

April        In Her Words Series

May        Home Trees Planted

June       In Her Words 2  Series

July         The Beach—Summer

August    Summer Hiatus

September  Home Trees Planted

October    The Beach—Fall 

November  OBW, TMIK + SW Circles

December   SheSpeaks Evening

“Exhilarating. Uplifting. Emotional. Empowering. Simply amazing. Just wow.”

Feel Good + Do Good at These Signature Events

SheSpeaks: An Evening of Women’s Storytelling

This event is the one I am most known for, and with good reason—it’s where women’s wisdom, experiences, insights and perspective take center stage for one amazing night. As emcee, I weave my own stories among the five women join me up on stage each year. It’s a classically old-school live event in that the stories aren’t rehearsed, nor are they streamed. The stories told at SheSpeaks are real and tender, raw and gritty, wild and relatable—full of heart, fire, humor, grit and truth. You’ll leave feeling inspired, moved beyond words, and connected to those around you in a way you can’t even imagine. Having held this event 11 times over the years with nearly 60 women taking the stage, the audience has learned they play a critical role as “catchers” that night—women, men, and everyone in between show up from all over the country for this beloved event—some see it as a rite of entering the winter season. What happens that night is magic.

Note: we took a scheduled break for this event in 2020 after the release of my second book, and then COVID hit, extending that thru 2023. But I hope to be back at it in 2024.

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HerMojo: A Benefit Dance for Women

This is one of my favorite events—and it was surprisingly born out of despair. Like many other women, after the 2016 election I hit a low point. In the wake of that season, inspired by energy of the women’s marches, I decided to gather women and femme folx together to dance—as medicine, to relieve some of our stress, and kindle our power, but also to raise money for a cause that would directly benefit more women. I secured a venue, threw together playlist (kinda my jam…), and announced Planned Parenthood would get 100% of our proceeds from ticket sales. The event sold out quickly, we danced (and sang) our hearts out, and donated a hefty check to a good cause after it was over. And so HerMojo was born. When women dance together, the earth feels us and moves as a result—this event proves that beyond a doubt. Which is why I continue to do it every January.

Note: we took a scheduled break for this event in 2020 after the release of my second book, and then COVID hit, extending that thru 2023. But I hope to be back at it in 2024.

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Season 5 of my podcast is out—it’s On Her Mind.

Check out my podcast page or look for An Unscripted Woman anywhere you find podcasts. 13 new episodes give listeners the chance to overhear 1:1 conversations between me and other women I know.

Each episode will braid three distinct topics centering on this one question: When you look at the world these days, what’s on your mind—and how did it get there?

We’re talking about books we’ve read, things we’ve pieced together—things that feel obvious, urgent and in plain sight, except they’re not for so many. Critical parts of important conversations that aren’t happening.

Things that matter. Juicy conversations you’ll want to overhear. Why? Because they’re illuminating—and we could use a bit more light to see this complex web we’re all living in.

The idea is not to fix, solve, or tackle what’s broken—but to inspire us to action and imagine something beyond what we’ve created.

I hope you’ll join us.

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Something for Everyone


Live storytelling is where I come alive on the stage—it’s one of my favorite places to play. Whether it’s SheSpeaks, my annual evening of women’s storytelling, or someone else’s event I’ve been asked to participate in as a speaker, it’s feels like magic to me. That’s the power of storytelling—to bring strangers together.

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Weaving concepts, frameworks, and ideas together and punctuating them with powerful storytelling—and humor—is my antidote to the mundane, dry, and formulaic approach that keeps the status quo in place. Discover a refreshingly different experience that is relatable, memorable, and catalytic.

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Experience and humility shine throughout all my interviews, and people can’t help feeling like they know and relate to me—even if they’ve never heard of me. I bring it all, speaking off the cuff and from years of practice, with my trademark humor and liberal doses of examples and resources.

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Speaker Testimonials

Here’s what I’m like speaking on stage—right out of the mouths of audience members. Trust them, they know.

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That was—can’t find the words—but it fed my soul. Nourishing.

About last night: Wow. And having men there who deeply appreciate the experience, deeply appreciate the feminine, is like completing a circuit somehow. So delicious.

It was absolutely brilliant—how you told your story, weaved in so many other resources and research, and kept engagement…it was amazing.

You rocked the stage. Your effervesce, honesty, humor, honesty, insight and humility are truly inspiring.

That. Was. Amazing.

Thank you for bringing you to the stage—for saying the things that resonated deeply, that made me laugh and cry, that challenged me and fed my whole being.

Holy shit. I just sat and received for two hours with tears streaming down my face. I’m grateful to you for blowing on embers in yourself and others.

I’m so inspired by last night that I can’t sleep. Thank you for being the catalyst, gathering together your words and your people, and letting it rip.

Exhilarating, uplifting, emotional, empowering. Simply amazing.

My heart cracked open. I literally kept thinking I was cracking open while cracking up. Thank you for creating a sense of belonging and safety in visibility.

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