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Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer

My first book, published in 2015, is my story of figuring out what it means to be whole woman in the world—on my own terms and in my own way—without apologizing, defending, explaining, denying or feeling crazy, selfish, embarrassed or guilty.

For too long I had felt like not enough or too much. I felt like I was trying to play the game, but I could never win. I felt like I was working hard chasing something, but I would never arrive there (wherever “there” was…).

So I met myself right where I was and had a bit of a reckoning with two distinct energies inside myself that were fighting like unruly siblings in the backseat of my car—one was the robust and loud (the masculine), the other was nearly invisible and quiet (the feminine). The first I shamed, and the second I silenced.

Because I wanted all of me, this was the book where I figured out how that looks—embodied—on my terms, in my own way, in this one life.

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Ignite: Lighting the Leader Fire

My second book, released in 2019, picks up where my last book left off. Writing this book confronted me with a truth that was embarrassing to admit: I had been working with leaders most of my professional life but had never really viewed myself as one—until this book pulled it out of me.

Ignite is where I tell the story I’ve never told myself. This is where I explore what it looks like when I do me with wild abandon in the world. This is where I name and claim who I am as a leader and how that intersects with me being a woman.

It’s also the place I weave in the stories of hundreds of women that I’ve worked with over the years that have helped me to see that I’m not alone—or crazy—for doing what I do the way I do it.

The stories in this book illuminate a different way of leading—one that is powerful and distinctly feminine in nature—not just for women, but for all of us.

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Reader Testimonials

Learn more about who I am as writer, what it’s like to read one of my books, blog posts or weekly emails, and what’s in it for you—directly from the mouths of readers. They know.

What readers say

I flew through this book. She makes you feel unstoppable. No limits.

I’ve never heard someone else describe what happens with me sometimes. I am really loving it, and I keep reading and thinking that she fucking wrote this book just for me!

This is amazing—it’s like she’s in my mind. Lael’s book reminds me I’m not alone.

Wow. This is the stuff I need right now—she’s seeing me where I am , and honestly, I’m close to tears reading it. Her words are the potion I need to get to me.

I love the way she writes…it’s as if she is sitting right next to me, having a heart-to-heart conversation.

She has this way of writing about the things I’ve been thinking about and questioning that help me to suddenly make sense of it all.

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