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We are shaped by our lived experiences. This is my story—and the story of my business.

I am often asked about how SheChanges came to be—through me.

Being a storyteller and a weaver of things, I’ve thought about my journey as having followed large stone cairns up a mountain trail—above treeline, in the fog, often at night, and generally alone.

But my journey to SheChanges wasn’t like climbing a mountain. It was more like descending one—following a gravitational pull that took me off the beaten path of what was expected, and into the dark woods of the unknown.

This led me to the heart of my power, my voice, and the deep feminine wisdom I had dismissed as irrelevant and avoided owning for most of my life.

In Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer writes about the power of a braid woven with three strands and the tension that’s needed to make it—with each strand pulling gently against another, often with the help of another set of hands.

The three strands I have consistently woven in my life (and consequently, my business) are these:

  • Being a leader
  • Being a woman
  • Being in transition

The operative word for all of those being the same: being.

As in embodied, not just learned or understood.

These three strands are the source of my greatest tension—and my greatest joy. Woven together, they have created something stronger than any one of the three on its own.

There have been distinct moments in my life where I’ve felt this creative tension the most in my body. I call them my origin stories—and they continue to light my way.

This is the fuel I use to drive SheChanges.

These are the origin stories of SheChanges—and I live deeper into them each new year.

Click on each one to reveal the story inside the story.

I am an open book by design, and here’s why:

  • I know what it’s like to feel like you’re the odd one out.
  • I know what it’s like to have a different—unconventional, heretical, or unpopular—thought that will not leave you alone.
  • I know the power of a shared story—and how hearing it can unlock your truth, buttress your courage, and inspire you to act.
  • I know women’s stories are often told in hushed tones under the cloak of darkness—not printed on the pages of our history books or woven into our policies.

I would like more women to take center stage in our world.

If you’ve read this far, I’m thinking you want that, too.

So welcome. Feel me here with you.

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I’m glad you’re here with me.

You are a radiant and powerful force for activation and movement. Your work is outrageously delicious—your passion, energy, and courage are remarkable!

You do things so unapologetically. You give permission to believe in certain things. You hold the space of “you can want that”…and the yoke just comes off.

You have been a catalyst. It was all there, but you started the reaction that allowed the change to happen.

You are so, so amazing. I need a better word, but I don’t have one. Such passion, such a gift for speaking, such poignant messages…no wonder your audiences love you so much.

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