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Leadership coaching and business consulting
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in your own way.

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Being you is about to get a helluva lot easier.

We’re told change is hard.

We’re told change takes time.

We’re told to be patient.

We’re told to be ready.

We’re told to pick our battles.

We’re told to be grateful.

And then we’re told to wait.

Believing these keep us where we are—playing the game, fitting in, minding the rules of conventional thought and following time-honored traditions.

Boxed in. Stuck. Waiting.

It’s exhausting us.

Let’s not do that anymore.

The status quo is officially on notice.

It’s time to break free from convention and do you in the world more fully—more freely—without apology and without permission.

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Customized leadership coaching and business consulting for senior executives and entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their time here on earth. Work 1:1 with me and move forward faster—on your terms and in your way. Unleash your full power and discover what you’re capable of. It just works.

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Curated groups and kindred-spirit communities that are designed and facilitated by me with you—and others like you—in mind. Whether you’re hungry for thoughtful conversation, a guided process to help mine for your truth, or some fresh faces to enlist as allies, I’ve got something for you here. It’s lovely to be seen.

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Live events, my blog as well as both of my books, interviews, stories from the stage and a host of self-guided courses live inside here. The audience experience offers inspiration, validation, and a fresh perspective on things.  It will light you up from the inside out and inspire you to action. It just feels good.

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I didn’t feel free to be this type of leader a year ago…

I could tell the first time I met her that she was a powerhouse—a mover and a shaker. You can just tell she has a connection to something much deeper and more universal than the bland, daily status quo in which we all lazily choose to hitch a ride.

Best thing I have ever done.

Lael’s passion, vision, drive and complete dedication have inspired me, ignited me, rocked my world, kicked me way out of my comfort zone and have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today.

People say, “you look happier…what did you do?” I peeled off so many layers of my personality as a leader that I didn’t know I didn’t need.

She understands the complicated relationship of a woman to her business. It’s messy, complicated, and never separate.

With Lael, I could stop pretending to be “all business.”

I knew I could trust her right away. She is someone with whom you can be inarticulate, clumsy, un-composed, tongue-tied, and positively brilliant. I could completely drop that wonderful/awful facade we carry as leaders.

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I see you over there…

  • You’re tired—of the way it is, fighting for change, explaining, justifying, defending, being patient, waiting for the right time, answers or space to think.
  • You’re overwhelmed—by your list, stuff in your head, people looking for direction, noise, questions with no answers, things that feel broken or wrong.
  • You’re stuck—not sure what to do, if you want to do anything,  in stale stories and old beliefs, outdated rules, tired  expectations, analysis paralysis and fear.
  • You’re restless—something is shifting, now feels like the time, there’s an itch you want to scratch, a deep knowing in you feels inconvenient and disruptive.
  • You’re done—buying your excuses of not having enough time, not being ready, not knowing enough, calling yourself crazy, selfish, lazy or a loose cannon.

These times call for immense courage in the face of exhaustion.

They also call for something different.

I believe you are that something different.

Get yourself optimized and fully fueled—maybe even unshackled—for where you’re headed.

Start with you—and know that it’s ultimately about us
because people follow in your wake.

It’s just who you are. You naturally lead. You always have.

But now you’re tapping into something bigger than yourself—
even as you don’t know what it is or where it’s taking you.

Find out. Listen to it deeply. Let it inform your movement—like a prayer.

Because no one will know unless you actively call the whole of who you are
into this grand conversation we’re all having out here.

I’m Lael Couper Jepson.

I want to hear
what’s inside you.
Do you?

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Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.