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Open minds lead to open roads.

You know how I know that? Experience.

I’ve heard certainty is a sign of a closed mind, and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why moving out of certainty and onto the open road of the unknown is at the crux of my 1:1 work.

It begins with acknowledging your tired brain that can’t think itself out of the box you’re in.

It’s spinning in circles and peppering you with questions that keep you right where you are.

Let’s get you moving.

I make one helluva wing woman for people making a change or challenging the status quo.

I know the terrain of transition, and I’ve traveled many miles of it with people over the years. I know the science behind it and the art of moving through it.

I know how it feels and can normalize what’s uncomfortable, confusing, scary, or crazy. I know how to demystify, contextualize, and navigate the messy bits no one talks about openly.

I know the unbelievable joy of transition—and how it often contradicts what we’re told. And I know the street fight that can happen inside the mind along the way—with fear and doubt. Sometimes all at the same time.

You think you have to do this alone, and I get that.

I’m stubborn, too—and fiercely independent, resourceful, and scrappy as hell.

I know you can do this alone.

But the thing is? You can choose to not do it alone.

Let me be your person.

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Maybe you’re a senior leader trying to change or challenge an organization from the inside out—and you feel frustrated, annoyed, even dangerous.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur at heart and want to leave the box you’re in to start a business—and you feel nervous, overwhelmed, and crazy.

Maybe you have your own business and want to re-imagine it more boldly—and you feel boxed in by your success or stories of “what you should do.”

This is where the status quo gets a little nervous—as well it should.

Things are about to change, even if you can’t find the words to describe it just yet. Even if you’re not sure you want it, what you’re doing, where you’re going —or what’s waiting for you on the other side.

All you know is that something in you has moved beyond the desire to fit in—or stay put.

That’s where I come in.

I love nothing more than helping people figure that shit out and get moving sooner rather than later—on your own terms, in your own way.

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That sounds great, but how does it work?

1 Schedule a call with me

I work with a select group of clients 1:1, and I know I’m not for everyone. That’s why this initial call is free and there’s no big sales push or strings attached. We take a quick spin to try each other on for size and see how it feels. We’ll know if it’s right.

Set Up a Call

2 Find out what’s inside you

Once we’re both committed to a relationship, we’ll jump right in to get clear on what you want—as well as who you are at your core and where you’re holding back. We’ll sort through your beliefs, looking for what matters most along the way.

3 Set things in motion— naturally

The actual movement from our work together happens between sessions, and you have access to me there, too, as your person—through emails, texts, and voicemail—because this is where you can feel most alone. I’m your witness, your champion, and your safe haven in the crazy storm.

What does movement look like?

  • Get brutally honest with yourself. Name what’s not working, where you’re stuck, what’s in your way, and where you’re holding yourself back. Transition begins with speaking your truth.
  • Find words to name what you want—is it freedom, joy, more money, being proud of yourself when you look in the mirror? The fire for a transition is kindled and made hot with desire.
  • Get specific. Move from conceptual, vague, or “someday” to inspired ideas—even if you don’t have it all figured out. Make it real with clear timelines, honest numbers, and bold actions.
  • Get creative. Dig into your resourcefulness and reach for different things to try—experimental, wild, alternative. Exploration yields the most insight when you take it off the familiar road.
  • Do this on your own terms. Resist the urge to fold, tuck, or pretzel yourself into someone else’s mold. Define your own way and give yourself permission to honor it ruthlessly—naturally.

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We’re perfect for each other if…

  • You’re a “let’s go find out” sort of person who is done waiting for the right moment, idea, or answer
  • You recognize your excuses and see them as resistance
  • You’re looking for a strategic partner and playmate to be inspired, not a guru to tell you what to do
  • You have an open mind and are willing to try just about anything once
  • You like to laugh, swear and keep it interesting
  • You’re tired of everything feeling so damn serious, heavy, and hard—you’re ready for easy.
  • You’re pretty good with ambiguity and can fill in the blanks as long as you have some bearings
  • You want to start living your life now—not just dreaming about it—and are willing to color outside the lines
  • You figure it out, make it up, and get it done best on the fly—even if you don’t like to admit it.

I’m probably not for you if…

  • You want someone to give you a clear process, secret formulas, a step-by-step plan, or concrete solutions
  • You’re not willing to feel uncomfortable, uncertain, vulnerable, or scared.
  • You’re extremely literal, linear, and prefer things to be neat and tidy
  • You need to know where you’re going and if it will work out before you make a move
  • You’re looking for someone to ask you the perfect question or give you the right answer
  • You’re wedded to things being complicated or hard
  • You want to unpack how you got to be the way you are (that’s therapy)
  • You want someone to help assess your strengths, weaknesses, and best career options (that’s career counseling)

But wait…

there’s more!

If you’ve worked with me 1:1 to make a transition, we have an established relationship we can tap into again and again—and most of my clients do. I become like your pit crew chief—meeting you at the turnout off the track when your tires are smoking and there are bugs on your windshield. I crouch down at your window-level and lock eyes with you because we know each other well by now, and sometimes a look says a lot.

I love nothing more than this and have become a trusted ally to my clients for years—through many jobs, promotions, iterations of their businesses, and across many state and country lines as they’ve moved from here to there.

You’re an organic creature, never static, always moving like a river. I’ll meet you where you are—not where you were.

I hold the space where you meet yourself anew—at every turn in the road—to take stock, process what you’re noticing, tease apart your learnings, and stay awake and alert to your life as it’s unfolding.

Set Up a Call

Thank you for helping me tap into this powerful, particular, persistent me. So happy.

You have this way of speaking into words what I’m feeling.

Working with you has accelerated several inevitables in my life. I couldn’t have done it without you.

You have this ability to peel away the surface shit and uncover what’s underneath.

You helped me to create and explore new neural pathways, taking me to places that have been dormant or I never knew existed.

You’re like Michaelangeo….seeing people’s David and slowly assisting them in chipping away at their shit (marble) until they find their inner diamonds. You teach people to free themselves of that madness.

I didn’t feel free to be this type of leader a year ago.

So much of what I wanted to do and be when we started working together is starting to be integrated into my being. It was all right there, but you were the catalyst to start the reaction that allowed the change to happen.

Our conversations have helped me to realize how much I know.

Best thing I have ever done was to show up in your office. Your guidance was exactly what I needed.

Everybody needs their person in these brave and bold moments.
I could be yours.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.