Is 2024 your year to make a move? I’ve got 2 openings for my 1:1 work in April…one of them could be yours.

In Her Words

Move closer to your truth with a pen and paper.

What if the answers to your questions were right inside you—waiting to be written into life?

Let’s go get them.

This six-week writing experience offers a small group of women the chance to mine for the truth and wisdom that live deep inside. The magic of this process is simple: it’s efficient in that we gather over the phone once a week to share what we’ve written (accountability to actually write) and it’s powerful because the pureness of your writing is fueled by your truth being witnessed each week. You move forward as you go deeper—and you do it on your own, but not alone. The clarity, sisterhood, and magic created in this experience are catalytic.

Be inspired.

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Here’s how it works:

For six weeks, the same five women will connect as a group (via phone conference) for one hour with me in the evening. The process is designed to move you into, through, and out of the places that feel stuck, confused, or unknown.

Each week is organized around a different theme (see these listed below) like a “campfire” to gather around and will be accompanied by three writing prompt questions to get you started.

You’ll pick the question that speaks to you the most and will write about it (on your own time, in your own way) from three different perspectives:

  • 1st Person: Journaling (“I’m starting to realize there have been clear signs this is what I need…”)
  • 2nd Person: Correspondence (“Dear Lael, you’re totally missing what’s right in front of your face…”)
  • 3rd Person: Story (“There once was a woman who stopped along the path. Her feet were sore…”)

The intent of the first gathering will be to set the stage for the writing process and how it will work, and the remaining five weeks will be dedicated to your writing and our read alouds (selections of your writing you choose to share aloud during our 1-hour calls each week: In Her Words).

The power of the read aloud is that it holds you accountable to actually put pen to paper each week, giving you the structure and the inspiration to mine for the truth that lives inside you—the one you could easily avoid or pretend isn’t there—and then hear it own your words as you experience how it resonates in this safe container of brave women by your side.

Come see for yourself.

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This first week of the series will set the foundation for us—creating more safety and comfort for each other and this process by getting a feel for who is in our group and how it will work. We’ll walk through the process to create context, talk about expectations and best practices, and clarify intentions for yourself to keep it real—and moving forward.



This is the first theme we’ll be using to guide our writing, so naturally it begins by taking stock and widening the aperture of our awareness. We’ll find our way into this experience of writing gently and organically by doing some data gathering in our inner an outer worlds, tuning into what what’s present to us—right before our eyes, at our feet, or under our nose.



We’ll narrow the focus of our attention, identifying themes and patterns in our awareness. We’ll plug into what matters most in our field of vision, and will move more deeply into our hearts as we follow a burgeoning desire, call to action, or a clear sense of urgency. Knowing gives way to renewed inspiration with that clarity.



As the mid-point in this series, you’ll zoom in on what you want more specifically—naming it more concretely and pointedly. Because of your vantage point, you’ll sense where you are now in relation to where you want be—seeing more clearly the steps that will move you in the direction you wish to go. You’ll feel more confident and sure-footed charting your course.



Possibilities and inspired actions find you this week, as you start to turn the wheels of motion toward what you want. What might have felt blocked or hard before now start to feel more open and organic, because your movement is fueled by your truth and aligned with who you are. Restless excitement and higher energy move in where dread and overwhelm used to be.



In this last week, we’ll look at the arc of your journey with an eye to how you will support yourself moving forward, beyond this writing experience. We’ll discuss ways of integrating writing as a practice to guide you on your path, wherever it takes you, and explore ways of holding yourself accountable as you mine for your truth.

This circle is for you if:

  • There was a time in your life when you used to write (journals, short stories, thoughts), but it feels like a lifetime ago. And now you’re busy and don’t have time.
  • In your heart of hearts, you know that writing helps you to go inside, process and figure out what’s true—but you avoid it like the plague.
  • You keep telling yourself this: “If I only had time…”
  • You’re exhausted—tired of over-thinking, striving, the way it is and explaining yourself. You’re hungry for something you can’t name.
  • You want some different perspectives, fresh ideas, and new ways of looking at things—to get you out of the box, plugged in, and freed up.
  • You like to dig with both hands, a curious mind and an open heart—be it a good book, juicy conversation or complex thoughts and ideas.

I’ve got you covered.

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The series of six gatherings plus materials is $425.

This writing experience will be offered once in 2024—starting April 25 and running through May 30. (note: this course will most likely fill up fast so if you have your sights on it, let me know sooner than later so we can see if it’s a good fit for you.) 

All gatherings are held via phone conference on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm EST.

Groups are curated (application is required) and limited to five members.

Participants are expected to attend all six gatherings. Conversations build on each other, and the relationships deepen each month as a result.

After registering, all participants will receive a packet in the mail containing the weekly questions, the process, and a helpful handful of articles, ideas, and suggested tips and techniques on writing.

(see note above…) Spots for this circle generally fill up quickly—by late February—so if you’re keen on participating, please don’t wait to reach out to me.

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Good to Know

No writing experience or skill is necessary to participate (if you can write a to-do list, you’re all set). You don’t need to be an aspiring writer to feel at home here—just come as you are.

This is not a writing class, nor is it a writing group. No specific instruction on how to write or critiques will be given. It’s about accessing the purity and power of your inner voice, so we don’t care about grammar, spelling, or composition (plus no one sees that stuff when you read aloud).

Women don’t usually know each other when we begin—but the common thread between us all is generally me and my relationship with each of you.

This circle isn’t therapy, and we won’t fix, advise or rescue each other—but we do keep it real and let it be messy, unfinished, and evolving.

In this six-week process, I went from not realizing my soul had a voice to opening the spigot wide open.

In Her Words blew me away. It was more than just an opportunity to write. There were so many powerful elements for me. The stuff I was able to process through the writing, reading and listening prepared me to really say “YES!”

I was astounded by the community we were able to create over the phone. So much vibrancy and connection!

I was deeply impacted by the way the writing process both mirrored and created my living world.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

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