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SheChanges is an outpost for the brave in the storm.
I am its leader, Lael.

I used to think I was alone. I used to think I was “too much” for people to handle. I used to think something was wrong with me. I used to think I was crazy for wanting what I wanted.

I felt boxed in by rules that felt like landmines. I felt exhausted playing games that weren’t my own. My head felt sore from over-thinking things and beating it against a wall of resistance to change.

I was told to be careful with myself because I was dangerous.

It was all quite exhausting. But then you probably know this. You’re living it, too.

What I know now is this:

  • Where I stand out is the very medicine I am here to bring.
  • What makes me different—weird, even—is what makes me shine brightest. It’s why “refreshing” and “inspiring” are two of the most frequently used words to describe me.
  • You bet I’m dangerous because I’m a powerful woman. But I am also in service of something much greater than myself, and I trust it now. I do not harm. I serve.

This is the power of SheChanges—to inspire and fuel change in our world.

I know am not alone—there is a larger revolution happening. And if you’re here now, you’re a part of it.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

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Permission to be wild and space to run free.

Others look at you with admiration. They see your success and how boldly you show up in the world. They tell you you’re inspiring, fearless, and confident. And you are. But not all the time.

I get that. I live that.

Sometimes you’re scared shitless and riddled with doubt. Sometimes you feel boxed in by your own success. There are many days where you don’t know who you are, what you’re doing or where you’re going—you just hang on and hope it works.

Those are the loneliest times to navigate.

That’s where SheChanges comes in.

This is the place you can put down all the heavy shit you’re carrying—the expectations, the worry, the doubts and fears, the need to have it all figured out and look like you know what you’re doing. This is where you’re reminded you’re not alone. Because just between you and me? We are all making this up as we go.

SheChanges is the place brave people like you come to refuel and figure all that out—and then get moving. On your terms, in your way.

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What happens when women lead?

That’s the question that lives at the heart of SheChanges.

I want us to find out the answer to that question—not by talking about it, but by actively living our way into it. Embodying it for others to see and experience.

“What about the men?”, you ask.

Men are welcome here—in fact, they’re needed. None of us can do this alone.

That’s the point: ALL of us moving forward together.

Women’s wisdom takes center stage here.

The men I know are as hungry for this different perspective as women are—it’s often how they find their way to SheChanges.

They are beyond ready to take a woman’s lead. But are you?

This is the place where we find out what happens next.

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Credentials and Capacity.
I’ve got both.

Want to know more about me?

I’m an open book. Literally—I’ve written two of them, and I am all over those pages.

I could do the typical song and dance designed to dazzle you with my experience and education.  I could mention my years consulting inside a Fortune 500 company, or that I received my Masters from one of the finest programs in the country and then got certified in coaching at another top shelf program. I could blather about the hundreds of clients and thousands of hours I have logged as a coach and a consultant since starting SheChanges in 2005…

But that would be kind of boring, wouldn’t it?

Sure that stuff matters, but it’s assumed (and forgettable) – kind of like the price of entry.

What’s infinitely more interesting – and revealing about me and why I do this work – is the story of why I left my cushy corporate job to create SheChanges.

The story that started a fire in my belly, took me by surprise and inspired me to reorganize my whole world around being a woman—a woman who leads without explaining, justifying or apologizing for who she is or how she shows up.  The story that brought me to you and you to me.

If you want that story (it’s a juicy one–you might even relate), you’ll need to become a subscriber, so enter your email below and I will welcome you with open arms—and more of my story.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

I am known for…

Bucking Tradition

I insist that being a woman has everything to do with how I show up as a leader—it just does.

Refreshing Perspectives

I embrace my contradictions—I’m an artist at heart, and a behavioral scientist by training.

Being Deliciously Heretical

I ask “why not?” with an open heart and a lot of joy—anything new, different, or weird intrigues me.

Bold Invitations

I passionately commit to freedom, creative expression, and sucking the marrow from the bone of life.

Lael’s strategic insight and questioning make me think she has a high speed connection to the soul of my organization.

Lael understands the complicated relationship of a woman to her business—it’s messy, complicated, and never separate. With her, I could stop pretending to be “all business.”

You know you can trust Lael right away. You can be inarticulate, clumsy, un-composed, tongue-tied, and positively brilliant. You can finally drop that wonderful/awful facade we carry as leaders.

I went from not realizing my soul had a voice to opening the spigot wide open.

Working with Lael has accelerated several inevitables in my life. I could not have done it without her.

Lael has this ability to peel away the surface shit and uncover what’s underneath. She has a way of calling out stuff that I already know or have been told, but in a context that puts it in an entirely different perspective.

Don’t fuck around. Hire Lael.

Lael rocks the stage. Her effervesce, honesty, humor, honesty, insight and humility are truly inspiring.

Lael creates space like a Big Mama, shepherding energy through creative and moving exercises that are at once fun, nourishing and powerful.

Something incredible happens in her groups that help me see myself more clearly.

I was amazed at how Lael was able to identify the barriers I had naturally set up to protect myself over the years, which once upon a time served me well but now were hindering my growth and potential.

When you get me, you get my community.
And it’s amazing.

I’ve intentionally woven community into my business. People drawn to my work are also drawn to my community because they are hungry for kindred spirits.

What you tap into in this community could be a game-changer, giving you that booster shot of courage and inspiration when you need it most.

  • mountains of resources shared like wildfire and delivered right to your inbox.
  • stories that feel like someone got right inside your brain—that’s how much you’ll feel gotten
  • field notes from my work with people like you that accelerate your learning and plug you into a larger tsunami of change you’re a part of creating
  • the ability to tap into a larger community that makes a difference with benefit events and experiences that feel good and do good at the same time

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what people have been saying for years.

Come inside

A community that pays it forward.


Almost all of my live events directly benefit organizations that support women and girls with 100% of the price of admission being donated to organizations like these:

Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund
Planned Parenthood Northern New England
Room to Read
Family Crisis Services
Coastal Studies for Girls
Maine Women’s Fund

Live events that feel good and do good.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.