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Home Tree Groups
Where Kindred Spirits Unite

Let me connect you to your people—and plant a Home Tree just for you.

A custom-curated group designed with your specific circumstances in mind. Your root system will thank you later.

It happens to the best of us.

In the swirl of a busy life, it’s easy to come unglued or unplugged—far away from the wisdom of your own truth and the GPS system that guides you home.

It’s easy to forget who you are, what you know, and why you’re here. Especially when you’re tired, distracted, and feeling alone.

I get it. So do my clients.

Home Tree Groups are designed to give you the structure—and a process—to connect you to the most powerful parts of yourself.

I do all the heavy lifting for you. I find your people, form your group, offer you a process, and help you and your group water your tree until it takes root. Then I leave—and let nature take its course.

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Here’s how it works


Raise Your Hand

Let me know you’re interested in a Home Tree Group by applying to give me a sense of who you are, where you are, and what you’re hungry for—help me see what would nourish your root system.

Apply Here


I Work My Magic

It might take some time, but once I know what you’re looking for, I’m confident I can connect you to your people—I’ll put out my feelers and work my magic in service of you. As I see your group forming, I will get back in touch.


We Gather 3 Times

Once I’ve formed your Home Tree Group, you’ll complete registration, have an initial call to orient you to each other and the process, and commit to gather with me for one hour over the phone—3 times over 9 weeks. Then it’s up to you.

What you get from your Home Tree is simple—and powerful

  • It’s structured introspection that allows you to mine for your own in truth the swirl of a busy life and noisy world. It’s hard to keep saying “I don’t know….” when you do know. That’s powerful intel and you’ll get it here.
  • It’s an efficient process with writing prompts that get you in, deliver the goods, and get you out—allowing you to move forward with more alignment and integrity. No more beating around the bush for your truth.
  • It’s accountability from people without judgement. You’ll have allies who are fierce witnesses to your conversation with yourself—and they’ll get you because they’re having a conversation, too.

The Home Tree Process

I take the heavy-lifting out of the equation by offering you simple questions to reflect and write before each gathering—on your own time and in your own way to come prepared.

Each gathering is the same—1 hour over the phone with the same 3 people and same 3 prompts—but the insights, reflections and responses are different every time.

Because it’s less of a conversation/discussion and more of a sharing/witnessing, there is deep listening—the power of your words inform the wisdom of your whole tree as a whole.

There are 3 prompts that support a Home Tree gathering, each one occurring in a round, before moving onto the next:

  • Presence—you’ll share your written reflections of awareness,  painting a picture of what you’re sensing and noticing swirling around you right now.
  • Meaning—you’ll get a bit more specific, articulating what messages you’re getting, what’s true for you, and what’s becoming clear/known.
  • Choice—you’ll wrap up your gathering by touching upon what you desire or envision for yourself moving forward, be it an intention, an action or a way of being.

No explaining, detailed backstory or justification needed. No apologies, context or excuses for showing up a certain way. No being fixed, advised to death, or talked out of your discomfort.

Just deep listening from some powerful witnesses who have your back as you lean against this Home Tree you share.

You’ll come prepared with everything you need to participate, which removes the stress of thinking on the fly.

You’ll walk away feeling a bit lighter, more rooted in yourself, and emboldened by your resourcefulness. You’ll feel seen, known and held just as you are—even if nothing changes.

And then, three weeks later you’ll come back to your Home Tree Group—and this process—to gather again.

It’s that simple. It’s that powerful.

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Examples of Home Tree Groups:

  • I’m more than all my roles—You’re tired of your conversations being limited to all the hats you wear. Your essence is getting lost in the mix of your doing, and you want to hear your soul voice speak from the fray.
  • Everybody needs a piece of me—You’re juggling a lot and are tired of feeling like you need to feel grateful 24/7. You love all the parts of your life—there are just a lot of them, they feel at odds, and there’s no room for you.
  • No progress is being made—You’re inspired, but often exhausted. You’re committed and engaged, but also lonely and frustrated by the apathy of many. You have ideas and plans, but are not feeling inspired to act.
  • There’s something inside me—Your creative cup is empty and you want to fill it but aren’t. You’ve got a million excuses and some solid reasons, but you’re still standing there, holding your desire, empty-handed.
  • I’m not sure how long I can keep this up—You’re in your head a lot, but your heart is really where you want to be. You’re tired of the pressure to grow bigger and do more. You feel boxed in by your own beliefs and habits.

I’ve got you covered.

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This circle is for you if:

  • You’re looking for some new people who don’t know you—but also get you.
  • You keep telling yourself this: “I can’t even hear myself think…” or “If I only had time…”
  • You’re exhausted and often overwhelmed. You’re hungry for something you can’t name.
  • You feel alone, like you’re the only one noticing, experiencing or wanting something—and it’s not okay to talk about it.
  • You trust me to know you well enough to connect you with a few other people I know.


The series of three gatherings plus materials is $450.

All gatherings are held via phone conference on Tuesday afternoons from 12:00-1:00 pm EST. And yes, you can absolutely eat your lunch while on the call—no shade from your tree on that!

Groups are curated (application is required) and will contain three to four members. Once your tree forms, no one new will be introduced.

An orientation call will occur a week before the first gathering to familiarize you with the process and each other.

Participants are expected to attend all three Home Tree gatherings. Although the intention is to support your connection beyond me and the initial gatherings, it’s not a requirement—it’s a choice.

After registering, all participants will receive a packet in the mail containing the three prompts, supporting questions, reflection sheets, and outline of the process, and a helpful handful of articles, ideas, and suggested tips to enhance your experience.

Registration is on-going and new Home Trees are constantly forming, so there is no deadline—just an open invitation to apply.

Apply Here

Good to Know

Think of this experience as co-investing in a green space—outside the box of your mind (or life) where you can hear your own voice and heartbeat amidst the noise, and be witnessed by kindred spirts.

There is no right or wrong way to be in this process, I promise you. There’s no where you need to be, there’s not a lot you need to do in advance, and there’s no expectations for what happens after. The focus is on being, and the doing flows from there.

My intention is for you to not know anyone when we begin—the common thread between us all is generally me and my relationship with each of you. While you might share circumstances, I’ll do my best to ensure you won’t share industries, or communities.

This circle isn’t therapy, and we won’t fix, advise, coach or rescue each other—but we do keep it real and let it be messy, unfinished, and evolving.

Fiery missives. Stories with heart. Fresh perspectives. Nutrient-rich field notes.

Invite me into your inbox and I promise to make it worth your while with e-mails that feel like conversations.

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