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Daily Verse 11.30.20—The Opposite of Dangerous

This fall I started to refer to myself as “dangerous”. I don’t know that it was conscious, but it was more of a consistent mumbling I started to do out loud to those that know me well.

Ordinarily outspoken and opinionated, it was like I had entered a new realm, which included brash, aggressive, and angry.

It was that “angry feminist” feeling I feared—except now I didn’t care so much anymore. Of course, I was angry. More and more, I found myself countering that inner sensation in me (shame?) with WHY AREN’T YOU?

I thought the “dangerous” feeling was about my growing ire at racial injustice or the apathy among so many white American’s to clean up the mess our ancestors had systematically baked for us, serving up our privilege without overtly calling it white supremacy. Then I attributed it to the election that demonstrated our nation wasn’t apathetic when it came to race—it was actually quite clear, intentional, and divided. It wasn’t until after my birthday (which began this 30-day practice of writing Daily Verses) and after the election that I realized the root of it.

I felt “dangerous” because of my training as a woman. I felt dangerous because I was accessing deeper levels of my power. I felt dangerous not because I was “too much”, but because I was saying ENOUGH!

I felt dangerous not because I believed I would do harm, but because others saw that I could be of service to something they were actively fighting—in themselves and in our society. I felt dangerous because I was being brave, and had the courage to give voice to something that so many were actively trying to deny.

I’m not dangerous; I’m a force of nature, uncorked, unchained, and unstoppable. I’m the opposite of dangerous—unless you are standing in the way of justice, equality, and freedom.


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