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A Flock of Women Leaders Leading

Flock of geese - Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

I hear these themes among my clients and I literally start to salivate.

Why? Because this handful of topics I’m about to share with you under this new moon feels symbolic—like geese flying in a distinct V, they work together to point in a particular direction. What direction is that, you ask? Forward.  Flock of geese - Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Women are leading the way forward.

And what about men, you ask? I actually work with a fair amount of men, and let me tell you, they are leaning hard on the strong women in their lives—listening, learning, watching—for inspiration. So when I say “women leading the way forward”, I want to be clear it’s women leading the way forward for ALL of us.

And for me, that begins by inviting more men into women’s spaces. Like this. Extending a hand to say—follow me, I know the way.

Because from where I sit, women are giving themselves green lights with wild abandon these days—to act with conviction, to make the decision, to give voice to what matters most, to say the thing, to get out of their own way, to blow shit off that doesn’t matter, to solve for the X that does, to unleash their power, their voice, their wrath, and yes, their desires— even to the point of feeling “selfish”.

What if being of service to ourselves as women leaders is actually how we can be of service to our greater good?

I’ve been seeing and hearing about it these days as I work women all over the country, hearing their stories and tracking their thoughts, feelings and moves. It’s exciting. It’s inspiring. And it’s about time.

It feels like there is a deep alignment and integrity at play, like our “give a shit” meters previously governed by old rules, outdated beliefs, or traditional thought are now powered by something greater than ourselves.

Like instincts. A gut feel. Or a built in homing device that’s been fully activated and is moving us forward.

So here’s what I’ve gathered for field notes under this new moon, from my sphere to yours. Maybe you’ll relate, or maybe you won’t. But wouldn’t it be nice if more of us didn’t feel so alone as we fly from here to there? If we could see we are part of a much bigger V, all working together?

#1 Money, Money Money
Women are talking a TON about money these days, and not in the ways you might think. They are making it, moving it, touching it, investing it, sharing it, managing it, saving it and LOVING it. I’m hearing so many stories about amazingly awesome negotiations, artful conversations, and beautifully designed contracts—in both personal and professional contexts. I’m seeing SMILES and pride when women talk about money. I’m watching women make connections between their sense of self and money—and how the closer and more intimate the relationship they have to money, the more confident, free and bold they feel. But the coolest part? They’re radiating this LOVE outward and people are noticing them and being intrigued—so ripples of learning, inspiration and guidance are happening as a result.

Want to dig a bit deeper? Try this:

  • The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life by Lynne Twist (thoroughly refreshing approach, clients rave about this one)
  • Touch your money—open your bank accounts and have a looksie, run P&L statements for your business for the last quarter, start carrying some cash

#2 The Mother Tree
I cannot TELL you how many stories, references, and examples I’m hearing of women talking about trees—literally and also as a metaphor for our wisdom. There is a grounding, an earthing or a downright calling that’s happening between women and trees right now, all of which feels like it’s related to what’s happening to our Mother earth (and our the environmental crisis we’ve created on it), but also as it relates to the Greater Good of humanity right now. Almost always, these threads of conversations eventually intersect with the topic of divinity, which feels wholly (holy?) different from conversation about religion or even spirituality. The best way I can describe it is this: it feels like women have been tapped, and rather than ignore it and see it as a distraction, they are turning around and seeing it as central to their being—and their work.

Want to dig a bit deeper? Try this:

  • The Awakened Woman: A Guide for Remembering and Igniting Your Sacred Dreams by Tererai Trent (love how she differentiates “little hunger” from “great hunger”)
  • The Fierce Face of the Feminine —TEDx talk by Chameli Ardagh (if you’re new to Kali energy, great primer—with a Shiva bonus)

#3 Vulnerability
Yup. Probably no surprises there, right? Women (myself included) are making primal noises when it comes to their vulnerability right now. Strong and colorful language is being used to describe what it’s like. My favorite was “sucks balls.” But by far the most common description of this experience is this: lonely. These are the dark-of-the-night moments where doubt, fear and insecurity have us second-guess everything with those oldie-but-goodie questions like: “Who do you think you ARE?”, “Do you even KNOW what you’re doing?” and “What gives YOU the right!?” Bottomline: vulnerability is about feeling our way through, not thinking our way through—yeah, I know… That’s the bad news. But the good news is thanks to Brené, more of us are game to go in and get that shit, because we know what’s waiting for us on the other side of it—deeper experiences of joy, freedom, integrity, alignment, intimacy, compassion and power.

Want to dig a bit deeper? Try this:

  • Write yourself a permission slip. Sounds simple, but it’s powerful in that it creates space, authorizes you to do what you’re probably gonna do anyway, and gives you the sense you’re not alone because it feels like “directions” you’re simply following from some other wise person.
  • Brandi Carlisle’s interview by Brené Brown on Unlocking Us podcast (she had me at cafeteria tray…)

Let’s do this together. We don’t even need a V, but let’s take to the skies so we can be seen.


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