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Daily Verse 11.22.20—Duat

I feel really forgetful these days, and when I pause to consider all the bits and pieces I ask my mind to hold, organize and retrieve for me, I am floored. Passwords, phone numbers, facts and figures, to do lists, codes and combinations, schedules and appointments, daily, monthly and annual events and obligations…no wonder our brains are so tired and full, even with our smart phones to help us (although that last bit is debatable). But I forgot there is this magical portal of storage available to me until a client reminded me the other day that she was storing something in the duat—that layer that lives just under the surface of the waking world or mortal realm, and can be accessed from anywhere just by our intention. I first learned of this concept as a young mother when I was reading Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series aloud to my eldest son. Described as a means to transport or hide large or secret things, the duat felt like this awesome personal storage facility that was always available, but didn’t need to be carried—by memory, hands, or lists. It just held what it was given to hold—safely free from the prying eyes of non-believers, ne’er-do-wellers, or detractors. Simply put, it’s a powerful tool of the trade used by heroes or magical people on a mission. Which often involves dissent.


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