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Mustering Courage: An Interview with Lael

I’ve always found the field of coaching to be a tough thing to describe. Sure, there are words, catch phrases and pithy pitches that make coaching all seem pretty and neat. But pretty and neat have never been my style.

Messy is more my style, with a colorful side of real and gritty. And certainly a generous splash of heart. It makes sense. I’m an artist at heart, and making art without being willing to getting messy is kind of boring to me. You’d think that might pose a bit of a sticky-wicket in running a successful business, but happily that hasn’t seemed to get in my way. The people I am meant to work with just keep finding their way to me — it’s like we’re magnetically drawn to each other or share a heat-seeking radar that is tuned to the same frequency.

But truth be told? I always credit the success of my business to my clients — the ones that work with me from all over the country, and then share me with their friends, family and co-workers. After nearly eleven years in business, it’s a really bountiful and fecund network that just keeps giving, and I am so very grateful to be the happy spider in the midst of their web.

But this interview? This is just about as good as it gets with regard to me describing who I am and the work that I do with my clients. This is me. All heart, even some tears.

So if you’ve ever wondered what coaching is (with me) and how it feels — what it’s truly about and what it aims to do…this interview conducted by a former client of mine, Rachel Horton White, will offer you an inside look. We talk about what coaching is (and isn’t), my work with clients, my own story of becoming a coach, how I (and my clients) dance with fear and desire in equal measures as rocket fuel, and how we all have the capacity to access and muster courage if we make the decision to do it. Daily.

Her podcast is called The Courageous Path, and we talk about what a lonely path that can be for many of us. We also explore how storytelling and the willingness to put ourselves out there publicly and be vulnerable are contagious acts that can inspiring more and more brave souls to walk that path.

So here’s to the path. And walking it. However that looks for you. Whatever your edge.