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Daily Verse 11.9.20: Simply Play

One of the final chapters of my first book, Unscripted, is entitled Simply Play. When I was in the throws of my final editing process of that book, going line by painful line a wonderfully persnickety editor, I remember saying this to her: “Just take it out. Delete the whole thing.” Thankfully, she paused, and asked if I really wanted that, pointing out the value it added to my book. I was tired, I was cranky, I was exhausted by being a grownup professional, and I was so done—beyond done—with editing, even thought I knew it, too, added value. I went back to the chapter with fresh eyes and read my earnest business case for inserting more play into our lives. I wrote about it being good medicine. I wrote about it being the key to accessing the feminine in me. I wrote about how at first blush, play ironically feels like work. And then finally, I concluded that it’s not just a nice to have, but it’s essential, even as society tells us it’s a “waste of time” and just for kids. So I went to bat for the chapter—holding space for it to matter. And the final line of that chapter after the editing process was through was this: “I want to extend to myself that gracious and option invitation I used to offer others so readily on their doorsteps: ‘Wanna play?’ And my answer? My answer will be yes.”


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