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Daily Verse 11.16.20—Tired Technology

I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying to understand what’s going on with technology, and let it just sort itself out. Hacking, malware, upgrades, bugs, fixes, hardware, software, modems, chargers, cables, battery power, memory problems, glitches, dropped signals….it’s just all so exhausting. And yet there is the pervasive sense we need it to function, like our breath or a liver. What does that say about us—that complete abdication of our power or agency when we come into contact with our machines designed to make us more “smart”?

For the past fifteen years of running my own business, I have often joked that the one thing that could get me back inside the corporate world is access to an IT department that would take care of all this shit for me. My strategy has been to just keep learning more, but that’s proving futile as it obviously keeps changing. So my new strategy is to not try and understand. My new strategy is to admit that I’m tired. My new strategy is to stop considering “what if…” worst case situations and to start imagining “even if…” scenarios. I am not defined by my ability to master technology. I’m putting down the expectation that I will ever understand or feel in control of something simply because it fits in the palm of my hand.


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