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Reflections on August: Go Big or Go Home

There is something undeniably “in your face” about August. Let’s face it – it’s a bit of a bully. As the last official month of summer, it’s the biggest kid on the playground prodding its pudgy little finger in our chests, saying, “Oh yeah, whataya gonna do about it?” We start getting feisty – panicked, even – and start our rebel yells about summer not being over until we say so. We find ourselves quoting movies from the 80s (“nobody puts Baby in a corner”) and rally our friends and neighbors to suck the marrow from the bone of summer with us. We throw spontaneous barbecues and blow out parties. We stir up trouble and get naughty, using up all our extra fire crackers, marshmallows and laughing until our sides hurt. We grab random vacation days, long weekends,  and stolen hours like little bits of candy spilling out of a pinata.  Mother nature even joins in the rebellion, offering dramatic shows of lightening and yes, even a hurricane. And as the last days of the month draw to a close, we are spent and sagging with the exhaustion of a time well had. The bell rings and, with a sly satisfied smile to the bully, we make our way into the shade of the school.