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Mea Culpa

episode7meaculpaDid you know I’ve got a new podcast out? Yup! It’s called An Unscripted Woman and it’s available right now via SoundCloud – which means you can subscribe to it through your podcast app on your smart phone. Easy peasy.

I started this as an experiment back in July this summer, and the response was really positive, so I’m back for more this September, as promised! Essentially, this podcast is my creative response to the question I’ve heard from so many of you:

“Where can I get an audio version of your book?”

To be clear, this isn’t an audio version, per se, but it is me reading from my book aloud — chapter by chapter. It’s also a chance for me to riff out loud with you on my thoughts, learnings and experiences that I’ve had since writing each chapter. I’ll be posting each episode right here in my blog as well as on Facebook, so listen however — and wherever — you’d like if it you want to come along with me on this audio journey.

Beyond that intention, we’ll see where it leads us.

Oh, and rest assured…just as I said about reading my book, don’t feel like you need to listen to the episodes in order. Each one will stand on its own just fine — so no rules or shoulds here. Start from the first episode, join me at the latest, or follow your nose to sniff out the one appeals to you most. You can’t do this wrong.

But I do hope you join me at some point. It’s so much more fun when you do.

Scroll down and start listening if you want to catch my latest episode — Mea Culpa.

This is the first chapter I really dig into the specific stories of masculine energy and my experience of it as a woman. In doing so, I also explore how I wasn’t able to even get to that conversation with myself until I really started to sit with and ultimately own my identity as a woman — a tall order, considering I had essentially dissociated from that fact (Why does that matter? How is that even relevant…?) for more than half my life. And then I became pregnant with my first child, and everything, it seemed, “outted me” and forced my hand along this road. This is the story where I started to see the degree to which I had been actively participated in my own shame, and how once I decided to face it — and assume responsibility for it, with compassion — I was able to more fully access and leverage some of my favorite parts of myself.

Thanks for listening — now or later!