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July: The Lazy River

Like a bright red juicy strawberry, July is dripping with sweetness and a sense of indulgence. With the fruits and vegetables swollen and nearly dropping off the vine by themselves, we kick back and give in to the seductive “don’t lift a finger” mentality that is July. It’s the siesta of the year, when everyone finds a shady tree to lounge under and contemplate our navels a spell. Making our way through July is like tubing down a river – you don’t have much control (there’s really no way to steer), you might not have a sense of where you’ll come ashore or how you’ll get back upriver, so you just rest your head and watch the world float by. Thoughts don’t dally long in our heads and worries can’t seem to get a foothold in this sweaty and swollen month. As the cicadas and kids call out to us, we lose focus, laugh at our inability to get things done, and eventually throw up our hands and say, “Oh well, it’ll get done tomorrow, I guess…” And it does, or not. But July doesn’t really care, now does it? Because it’s all about those fat juicy moments filled with nothing that fill us up and make us rub our bellies and delight as the sweet juice drips off our chins. What are you going do, eh? Flow baby, flow.