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Like a good piece of fat wood thrown on a fire or the exuberant face of a child’s first cannonball, June arrives with a POW and makes itself known in a hurry. June is a bit like being shot out of a cannon – it’s all dark and muffled at first and then before you know it, you’re airborne, sailing high above the crowds gathered under the big top. It’s exhilarating and a bit wildly out of control. Like an eager bull busting out of its pen for the first time in the season, June reminds us how good it feels to be alive and casually shrugs off our angst and caution by telling us to just hold on tight and pray for a soft landing. And land we do – with splashes and big noises and cheesy grins. “Again, again, we cry!” as we climb back in the saddle for another go of it. And so goes June – reacquainting us with the blessed joy of taking risks or trying something new and demonstrating the value of just plunging in and getting all wet. With it’s longer days and hotter nights we shed our layers and cut loose a little (okay a lot) as we are reunite with our fiery spirits and passion. We emerge from June with a few bruises and sore places, but feeling scrappier, happier and heartier than we thought possible. Go figure.