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A Living Prayer: Embodying Intention

The woman’s word was “WORTH“, and I watched as she went first, embodying each letter of that word — her intention – with her body, spelling it first forwards and then retracing it backwards. I was her partner. My job was to witness her. It was an exercise, really — something …

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Sourcing As A Verb

I held my Spring SheSpeaks last Thursday night. Five women took the stage with me to share their stories on the topic of “Sourcing” to an enthusiastic, sold-out, full-house crowd. It was an amazing evening, creating an immediate sense of community bound together by a type of courage, vulnerability, and …

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Seek Out A Little Solace

It’s a radical act to strike out on your own. On purpose. With intention. And yet, however terrifying that prospect might seem, I am firmly convinced it is elixir for the soul. Keeping good company with your own self is an exercise in unconditional love. Free from the distractions of …

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Seeing Is Believing

I have this sign on my fence – strategically placed so that I see it multiple times a day. I see it when I pull into my driveway. I see it out the window when I’m coaching clients. It’s that important. In many ways, it represents the belief on which …

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Simply Play

I played in the snow with my six year old son today. These are his post-play “glittens” – a cross between mittens and gloves, given to him from our dear friend Rosemary. They must have weighed five pounds each after our adventures in the snow. As they sat dripping on …

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